Did you know that one serious road accident occurs in India every minute? Many of these accidents result in serious injuries and vehicle damages. From speeding to overloading and drunk driving, several causes are responsible for road accidents in India. As the number of road accidents continues to rise in Delhi and other major cities, vehicle insurance has become a necessity.


Road accidents do not just affect cars and two-wheelers, but also the public. In fact, a large number of casualties that occur on roads involve pedestrians and cyclists. Vehicle insurance plays an important role in protecting the interests of vehicle owners as well as third parties.


Types of Vehicles Insurance


In India, vehicle insurance policies are broadly classified into two categories- third party insurance and comprehensive insurance. Third party insurance policies cover only the injuries or damages caused to third parties. Comprehensive insurance policies, on the other hand, cover third party damages as well as the damages caused to your own vehicle.


The law makes it mandatory for every car owner in India to buy at least third party insurance policy. However, choosing a comprehensive vehicle insurance policy is the best option as it will provide complete peace of mind.


How to buy Vehicle Insurance ?


Gone are the days when buying an insurance policy used to be a tedious and time-consuming task. These days, vehicle insurance policies can be easily purchased online. Be it car insurance of two-wheeler insurance, all types of vehicle insurance policies are easily available online. Most of the reputed insurance companies offer online vehicle insurance policies. A vehicle owner can easily visit the website of a vehicle insurance company and purchase the policy online.


There are several benefits of buying vehicle insurance online. The entire process is fast, convenient and paperless. It can help save a lot of time and effort of an individual. Ease of access is another major factor that makes online vehicle insurance popular. A vehicle insurance policy can be purchased online at any time. All one needs is an internet connection.
If you’re planning to buy vehicle insurance online, it is important to choose the right policy. With so many choices available today, selecting the right policy may prove to be a difficult task. However, with a little bit of research, you can buy the right vehicle insurance online.

What Vehicle Insurance covers ?


It is in best interest to choose a car insurance policy that covers loss or damages to the insured vehicle due to dire, explosion, flood, hurricane, lightening, earthquake, burglary, theft, riot etc. It should also cover third party liability or property damage arising out of the use of the insurance vehicle. Also, it is important to check out the list of exclusions before buying a car or two wheeler insurance. Any consequential loss, mechanical breakdown and damages caused due to war are some of the common exclusions.
It you own a car, it is essential for you to buy a car insurance policy. Buying online vehicle insurance will make the whole process smoother and save you from a lot of unnecessary hassles.

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